In any sector, hiring top people is essential, especially in one as competitive as Singapore. Any organization’s success and expansion depend on hiring qualified individuals with the appropriate capabilities. Singapore faces particular difficulties when it comes to industrial recruiting due to a burgeoning economy with immense competition to seek and place highly skilled workers in the industrial sectors. Companies, however, can overcome these obstacles and recruit and keep the greatest employees, though, with the correct tactics and resources.

The Situation of Industrial Recruiting in Singapore Currently

According to a survey by the International Labour Organization (ILO), Singapore is experiencing a skills gap, with many businesses having trouble locating qualified candidates. This scarcity is brought on by a number of elements, such as the population’s rapid ageing, shifting demographics, the movement of big industries and Big Tech into neutral Singapore, and the quickening pace of technological development.

According to data from the Ministry of Manpower, the number of job openings in Singapore’s manufacturing sector climbed by 32% year over year in the first quarter of 2021.

In a survey conducted by SM2 Consulting, 74% of Singaporean companies said that in 2020 they would have trouble recruiting suitable personnel. This survey also revealed that 54% of Singaporean companies intend to hire more people in the first half of 2022. One of the top industries for hiring is manufacturing.

The Ministry of Manpower reports that the COVID-19 pandemic-related travel bans and border closures resulted in an 11.6% year-over-year decline in the number of foreign employees in Singapore’s manufacturing sector in June 2021.

The Singaporean government has launched a number of programmes to address this issue, such as the SkillsFuture programme, which attempts to provide Singaporeans with the skills they need to adapt to the shifting work market.

Despite these measures, many businesses still have trouble hiring the proper people. Due to the fierce competition in the Singaporean employment market, employers must be inventive and clever in their hiring practices.

Industrial recruiters in Singapore Face Difficulties

Lack of Qualified Employees

The largest problem industrial recruiters in Singapore are facing is a lack of trained people. Several businesses are having difficulty filling available positions with employees who have the requisite knowledge and expertise. In fields like engineering, information technology, and healthcare where highly specialised skills are needed, the shortage is particularly severe.

Strong Competition

Because the labour market in Singapore is so fiercely competitive, businesses must work extra hard to find and keep the best personnel. Many competent people are preferring to go abroad as a result of the competitiveness not just between corporations but also between nations.

Differences in Culture

For Singapore’s industrial recruiters, workplace cultural differences can be a problem. There may be a large number of skilled individuals from abroad who are unfamiliar with the local culture, which might cause misunderstandings and poor communication.

Recruitment Techniques for the Industrial Sector in Singapore

Build Your Employer Brand

For Singapore to recruit and keep the greatest personnel, it is crucial to building a strong employer brand. By demonstrating their distinctive beliefs, culture, and working environment, businesses need to set themselves apart from their rivals.

Simplify Hiring Procedures by using Technology

Industrial recruiters in Singapore may be able to expedite their hiring procedures and access a larger talent pool with the aid of technology. Employers can post job openings on job boards, social media, and other websites to draw in candidates.

Provide Compensation Packages That Are Competitive

For Singapore to recruit and keep the greatest professionals, it is crucial to offer competitive remuneration packages. Businesses must provide perks and pay wages that are competitive with the market and commensurate with the value of their staff members’ qualifications.

Create an Inclusive and Diverse Workplace

The greatest talent can be attracted and retained by industrial recruiting firms by fostering a diverse and inclusive environment. Employers ought to seek to make their workplaces inclusive of workers from different cultures and backgrounds.

Construct Career Development Opportunities

To keep Singapore’s top talent, it is crucial to offer possibilities for career advancement. Businesses ought to provide employees with training and development opportunities so they can grow professionally and gain new skills.


The lack of skilled labour, intense competition, and cultural differences make industrial recruiting in Singapore particularly difficult. Companies can overcome these obstacles and recruit and keep the best employees, though, with the correct tactics and resources.


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