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Talent mapping is a process that helps organisations identify and develop high potential employees, identify skill gaps and develop training programs, facilitate succession planning, and improve retention and employee engagement. It enables organisations to effectively align their talent with their business goals and strategies.

What is talent mapping

The process of locating, monitoring, and evaluating the skills and competencies of an organisation’s current and potential employees candidates is known as talent mapping. Talent mapping can help an organisation understand its current and future talent needs or find the top talent in a given field. The key goals of talent mapping are to identify and develop high potential employees, facilitate succession planning, and improve retention and employee engagement.

Companies looking to fill current or future job openings with qualified candidates or people seeking to understand their career options and potential opportunities within a specific industry may find talent mapping to be helpful.

How does talent mapping differ from other HR processes?

Although talent mapping and employee development are related with overlaps between the two, talent mapping identifies and tracks the skills and competencies of employees within a particular industry or market while employee development provides employees with the tools and opportunities they need to develop those skills and competencies.

Identifying potential candidates for current or future job openings or understanding the organisation’s present and future talent needs can be made easier with the aid of talent mapping, which can be a helpful addition to other human resources processes such as recruitment, performance management, and succession planning. However, it is a separate process with a distinctives goal.

Benefits of talent mapping

Identify and develop high potential employees

Identifying and developing top talent can help organisations improve their overall performance and competitiveness.

Identify skill gaps and develop training programs

By contrasting the knowledge and experience of current employees with what is needed, organisations can identify skill gaps. Programs such as in-house training to plug these gaps can then be developed for employees.

Facilitate succession planning

Organisations can better plan for succession and guarantee that they have a pipeline of qualified candidates ready to step into leadership roles as needed by identifying potential candidates.

Improve retention and employee engagement

By offering opportunities for career development within the company, organisations can boost employee retention and satisfaction.

Improve retention and employee engagement | SM2 Consulting

What are the tools and techniques for talent mapping?


Skill assessments can gauge a candidate’s expertise, skills, and aptitudes in particular fields. Personality assessments can also determine whether a candidate’s behaviour and personality align with the company’s culture and values.

Employee feedback surveys

Employee feedback surveys help to shed insights on employees’ level of satisfaction with the company. The results can then be analysed to identify employees with potential and offer them development opportunities within the organisation.

Interviews with managers and employees

Behavioural interview questions allow candidates to describe how they handled specific situations in the past. This gives employers a sense of a candidate’s behaviour in the past, which can be a reliable indicator of how they might act in future.

Job shadowing and mentorship programs

The program’s findings can be used to identify high-performing employees and provide them more opportunities for professional growth within the company.

What SM2 Consulting can offer you

At SM2 Consulting, we take pride in continuously evolving with our clients and partners through strategic delivery on client and candidate needs and effective gap analysis. We have created a unique system to provide flexible solutions across a variety of industries throughout APAC due to our deep understanding of the market environment, industry specific dynamics, and requirements.

By integrating talent mapping into our strategic approach to identifying candidates and market intelligence for project or search assignments, SM2 Consulting can help your company stay one step ahead of its competitors. If you are interested in learning how talent mapping can complement your recruitment efforts, make an appointment with us via +65 6871 4088 or


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