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Singapore Job Consultancy

SM2 Consulting is a leading job consultancy with strong roots in Singapore and an extensive network of high-value job candidates across various industries.

Our expertise lies in understanding Singapore’s unique culture, particularly in terms of the local manpower laws, compensation, and the local and international talent pool.

We take pride in our ability to connect top talent with the right employers, providing a valuable service for both parties. With our wealth of experience and knowledge, we can help you navigate the complexities of the job market in Singapore with confidence.

Trust SM2 Consulting to help you find the perfect fit for your organization.

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It Is Complex But Job Consulting Is What We Do Everyday

The Job Consultancy You Can Trust

As a job consultant, SM2 Consulting specialises in understanding the unique needs of hiring companies and sourcing top-tier candidates to fill their vacancies.

We also provide guidance on issues such as licensing, work permits, accommodation, transport, and other benefits to ensure a smooth transition for both employer and employee.

With our deep understanding of Singapore as the local and regional headquarters, we are uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive support and insight into the local job market.

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What We Do As A job Consultancy

Understanding the needs and requirements of the hiring company

SM2 Consulting will work closely with you, the hiring company to understand your unique requirements, and provide customised solutions to ensure the recruitment process is smooth and successful.

Sourcing and screening potential candidates for open positions

We source and screen potential candidates for open positions, using our extensive network and expertise to identify the best fit for your needs.

Conducting background checks and verifying candidate credentials

We pride ourselves on conducting thorough background checks and verifying candidate credentials. Our diligent approach ensures that you can trust the candidates we present, providing you with peace of mind and a high level of confidence in your hiring decisions.

Coordinating interviews and assessments between employers and candidates

We coordinate interviews and assessments between you and your candidates, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. Our goal is to facilitate successful communication and collaboration between all parties, ultimately leading to the best hiring decisions.

Providing guidance on licensing, work permits, and immigration requirements

We provide expert guidance on licensing, work permits, and immigration requirements. Our comprehensive understanding of these complex issues ensures that employers and employees alike have the necessary support to navigate the hiring process with ease and confidence.

Advising on salary negotiations and other employee benefits

We offer expert advice on salary negotiations and employee benefits. We use our deep understanding of the local job market to provide you with insights on fair compensation and other benefits, ultimately helping your organisation to attract and retain the best talent.

Assisting with onboarding and orientation for new hires

We assist with onboarding and orientation for new hires, ensuring that they have a smooth transition into their new roles. We provide support and guidance to both employers and employees to ensure a successful integration and a positive start to the employment relationship.

Maintaining a database of qualified candidates for future reference

We maintain a comprehensive database of qualified candidates for future reference. Our vast network and ongoing recruitment efforts ensure that we are always sourcing top talent, providing you with a valuable resource for future hiring needs.

Providing ongoing support to employers and employees throughout the employment process

This includes sourcing and screening potential candidates, coordinating interviews and assessments, providing guidance on licensing and work permits, advising on salary negotiations and other benefits, assisting with onboarding and orientation, maintaining a database of qualified candidates, and providing ongoing support throughout the employment process.

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SM2 Consulting is a leading provider of job consultancy services, with expertise in IT, senior management, marketing, sales, and industrial job placements. Our extensive network and specialised knowledge allow us to provide top-quality recruitment solutions for companies across various industries.

Having a discussion with SM2 Consulting will make the talent sourcing and hiring process painless, ensuring a smooth transition and delivering highly qualified candidates at the right price. Our expertise and tailored solutions take the stress out of recruitment and guarantee successful outcomes.

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“SM2 Consulting partners with clients and candidates to understand gaps in their processes, to deliver transparent results, efficiently and effectively.”


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