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As a top tech and IT recruitment firm, we specialise in placing senior managers such as CTOs, CIO, Head of IT – in transformative positions across a variety of disciplines. The whole range of IT domains, including architecture, programming, big data, and analytics, as well as ERP, infrastructure, project management, security, and quality assurance, are all within the purview of our competence.

Our experienced team of consultants are leaders in their particular fields and have a wide range of relationships with suppliers and customers. Because of this, we can offer unmatched insight into the regional tech sector and connect you with the best prospects to advance your career.

Our areas of expertise in the IT industry are diverse and include data science, analytics, architecture, data analysis and warehousing, development and programming, ERP, infrastructure, IT management, IT security, support, business intelligence, and IT sales.

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Our Approach To Tech Recruitment

For many years, SM2 Consulting has assisted tech and transformation experts in finding new work possibilities. 

The countless recommendations and testimonials we get from pleased customers reflect our reputation for quality. We are technology specialists who excel at connecting start-ups and larger companies seeking top talent with talent at the mid-senior management level.

We are glad to support you in attaining your professional goals by working as your recruitment partner.

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We Place CTOs, CIOs and Senior Managers For the Following Domains

Network & Systems Administration

This involves managing and maintaining the organization's computer systems, networks, and servers.

Database Administration

This involves managing and maintaining the organization's databases, which may store data such as customer information, financial records, and employee data.

Software Development

This involves designing, coding, testing, and deploying software applications to meet the organization's specific needs.

Help Desk and Technical Support

This involves providing assistance to users who encounter problems with software, hardware, or other technology.


This involves protecting the organization's networks, systems, and data from unauthorized access, theft, or damage.

ERP Development

This involves the creation and customization of software solutions to support an organization's enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

System Administration

The upkeep of computer systems and networks' functionality and security is the responsibility of system administration employees.

Network Security

By making sure the network infrastructure is safe and secure from cyber attacks, network security personnel play a crucial part in protecting an organization's digital assets.

IT Governance, Risk, & Compliance

This involves ensuring that an organization's technological processes comply with industry standards and legal requirements.

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Structured Senior Level Tech Talent Recruitment

Our executive search recruitment method helps connect you with the thinkers, visionaries, leaders and senior managers in tech that will help you navigate the next steps in your organisational growth.

Our IT recruitment service uses highly rigorous processes to find and secure the best senior level talent for our clients. In order to offer our clients a diverse pool of applicants for their job requirements, our team of experienced recruiters makes use of their vast network of skilled and senior level IT, software, tech managers and visionaries.

We take the time to comprehend the particular needs of each of our clients, and our stringent screening and vetting procedures guarantee that only the most qualified applicants are provided. Our strategy gives our clients confidence that they are selecting the best senior staff to advance their company.

SMC has been successful in assisting some of the most well-known businesses in locating outstanding personnel, allowing them to fuel their competitiveness, creativity, and general success. 

Our clients have been able to create strong, agile technology teams that are capable of producing top-tier results thanks to our expertise in locating and securing highly qualified and experienced IT leaders and thinkers.

We have given our clients a competitive edge in the quick-changing technology world with our customised strategy.

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